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musical instruments for Mozambique’s AIDS orphans

choir: Letz Sing
choir location: various islands, BC, Canada

At the end of each choir season, Tina Filippino brings her three choirs together for a Big Sing. These are wonderful events where singers from the neighboring communities of Quadra Island, Black Creek and Comox come together to sing their common repertoire, building community through song. (more…)

Cape Town’s Kidzpositive

choir: Heartsong Women’s Choir
choir location: Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

The Heartsong Women’s Choir performs a yearly benefit concert for Kidzpositive, based in Grootschur Hospital Cape Town. For more information, see

primary education in Kenya

choir: Roberts Creek Community Choir
choir location: Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

All our present donations and Song Circle fees go to our chosen cause; the sponsorship of the Isecheno Primary School  in western Kenya.  I learned of Isecheno Village, situated adjacent to the Kakamega Rainforest, while touring that forest in 2007.  The naturalist who guided us then was born and has lived all his life in Isecheno. (more…)

the Kapasseni Project

choir: Gettin’ Higher Choir
choir location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Since its inception, the Kapasseni Project has been led by Mozambican refugees Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema who, after twenty years of living in Canada, have recently moved back to Mozambique with their children, and will continue to provide much of the initiative and management required to continue the restoration and growth of their village. (more…)