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the Kapasseni Project

choir: Gettin’ Higher Choir
choir location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Since its inception, the Kapasseni Project has been led by Mozambican refugees Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema who, after twenty years of living in Canada, have recently moved back to Mozambique with their children, and will continue to provide much of the initiative and management required to continue the restoration and growth of their village. The project in Canada is administered by the Kapasseni Committee of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Victoria.

From 1999–2006, the Gettin’ Higher Choir has produced eight benefit concerts for Kapasseni, raising approximately $200,000 to help the village re-establish a healthy and active community, including a 5-room school, a health centre, wells, an orchard and garden, and more.

“Through our shared love of African songs, the lives of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and of Kapasseni, our little village in Mozambique, have become magically interwoven over the past eight years. It has meant so much to the people of Kapasseni to know there are people on the other side of the world who care so deeply.”

— Perpetua Alfazema, Founder & Coordinator,
Kapasseni Project

Follow-up note (2013): There are two excellent films about our projects in Mozambique, available to view at The fundraising arm of the Kapasseni projects is now The Caia Connection, a Canadian Registered Charity,

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