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Emile Hassen Dyer & Maggie Wheeler

Emile Hassen Dyer & Maggie Wheeler of the Golden Bridge Community Choir

the Model

Ubuntu choirs seek to create a world in which we listen deeply to those around us, celebrate diversity, trust in our voices and bring them forward on behalf of harmony, justice and peace.

In an Ubuntu choir, a person who initially sings timidly or off key is welcomed. In close proximity to stronger voices, a novice voice naturally grows in strength and beauty. Shinichi Suzuki, who espoused a “mother tongue” approach to music education, observed: “A child learns to speak in an environment which exhibits full confidence in his/her potential to acquire language.” And so it is with singing! At all stages of their musical development, each singer is a cherished member of the whole. A new singer may struggle to “carry a tune” alone, but when other singers are helping to carry it, she can sing magnificently!

We believe that:

Ubuntu choirs are:

We sing songs from around the world, many from the oral tradition. Through singing these songs, we can honour and tap into the wisdom of other cultures. In turn we are moved to give back to those cultures whose songs inspire and nourish us.

The Gettin’ Higher Choir, and the other choirs in this network are firmly based on these principles. The Community Choir Leadership Training Program is dedicated to giving people the training and resources they need to start and lead such a choir.