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Power of Hope

choir: Gettin’ Higher Choir
choir location: Victoria, BC, Canada

What began in the summer of 1996 as an innovative idea — to build a creative, heart-centered community with teens and adults who care about the future — has grown into a multi-faceted program with organizations in both Canada and the U.S. In 1996 Power of Hope served 29 youth and 14 adults. In 2005 it was 2,820 youth and 866 adults, plus hundreds of volunteers contributing over 23,000 hours.

For the past eight years the Gettin’ Higher Choir has supported the Power of Hope with benefit concerts. The funds have been used for youth and adult programs and scholarships.

Empowering youth to believe they can make a difference is what Power of Hope is all about. For more information, visit

“Being adopted by the Getting Higher Choir has been such a blessing for the Power of Hope. They’ve helped us grow from a tiny one-week summer program on Cortes Island, to a full-fledged charity with programs in Victoria, Vancouver, and before long–throughout Canada. Through their generosity, they have brought new hope to so many young people in British Columbia!”

— Peggy Taylor, Co-founder of The Power Of Hope

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