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Denman Island Community Choir

in Denman Island
directed by Kathy Rieder CCLT 2005–06 | 250-335-0559 and 250-923-7709

We’re about the joy of singing in community. At past performances, we have raised funds for an orphanage in Tibet, and for local Christmas Hampers. Tuesdays 7:25–9:00pm at the Denman Island Community School. $30 for 10 weeks. 10–20 members.

Echoes of Peace Choir

in Duluth , MN
directed by Sara Thomsen CCLT 2005-06 | 218-269-9557

Anyone with a desire to sing is welcome to join this non-audition community choir. Our repertoire includes songs from various cultural and spiritual traditions around the world, songs of justice and peace, songs of hope and longing, and songs that are simply fun and full of celebration. At the heart of what we are about is coming together to sing in harmony as a means of both personal, local and global transformation. Singing opens the heart and re-enchants the spirit. Harmony brings harmony!

Also check out

Everybody’s Choir

in Vancouver
directed by Anna Baignoche CCLT 2005-2006 | 604-215-1901

This is a choir for every body! Babies, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

We sing quick, easy, and beautiful songs from all over the world. This hour of music is action packed so get ready to sing and move. From up-tempo dance tunes to sweet lullabies, Everybody’s Choir has something for everyone.

Saturday mornings. Please e-mail or call for information regarding this season’s schedule.


in Nanaimo and Lantzville
directed by Shirley Whitelaw and Cyndi Doell | 250-729-6135

Our mission is to increase joy and harmony in our community by creating the opportunity for everyone to sing regardless of ability.”

We believe that singing is our natural human birthright. Humans were meant to sing, and we founded EveryBodySings! singing circles in 2001 to provide a place for anyone to join an energetic, enthusiastic group of ordinary people who sing for the pure joy of singing. We truly believe that everyone can sing, given the right encouragement and atmosphere for vocal development. We both come from singing families where singing was a natural, accepted and joyful form of expression. We love to encourage and inspire others to discover and/or reclaim their voice, to express their own creativity, and to experience the transformational power of singing.

We have taken and offered singing workshops with Brian Tate, Tony Backhouse, Siobhan Robinsong, Denis Donnelly, Eric Dozier, Edwin Coppard and others.

We have two EveryBodySings! groups, one in Lantzville on Tuesday evenings 7-9pm and one in downtown Nanaimo, Thursday mornings, from 10am-noon.

Everyone Can Sing Community Choir

in Fayetteville
directed by Contact Marshall Carter re: interest in the choir. |

The Everyone Can Sing Community Choir is a non-auditioned choir, open to anyone who would like to sing fun, beautiful and uplifting songs in harmony with others, simply for the pure enjoyment of singing. The choir is open to anyone, regardless of musical background or confidence level. We sing songs from different cultures and traditions that evoke serenity, glad hearts, exuberance and an overall sense of well-being. Providing a safe place to sing for all who attend and creating beautiful music together in community are at the heart of each session. 

Contact Marshall Carter re:  interest in the choir. 


EveryVoice Singers

in Errington
directed by Kelly Townsend CCLT CCLT 2012 | 250-248-8374

EveryVoice singers is a ‘no audition’, a cappella song circle.   Come explore your voice and make harmony in community. Songs of inspiration from around the globe are taught by ear.  

Every inexperienced & experienced voice is welcome.



Feast Community Choir

in Portland Oregon
directed by Susan Riggs, CCLT 2016 | 503-808-0255

Forget Everything and Sing Together!
FEAST Community Choir is an inclusive daytime singing community, gathering weekly for the joy of singing. We welcome your voice, whether you are an in-the-shower singer, a seasoned chorister, or someone who quietly dreams of singing. Connect with others, have fun, and raise your voice in easy harmony, singing life-affirming lyrics from many world traditions. No choral experience necessary. All that is required is a heartfelt desire to listen and sing with others.

Frabjous Day Choir Community

in Albuquerque, NM
directed by Arana Kalwaic CCLT 2013 | 505-343-1160

No experience necessary.  Learn by ear in 4-part harmony.
Improve singing-Reduce stress-Make friends
Fun-loving community of singers waiting to welcome you.
“Singing is our birthright.” Call for more info, schedule.

Free Range Singers

in Davis, CA
directed by Laura Sandage CCLT 2012 | 530-848-4812

Free your voice and express your full range as a part of this social community singing experience!

All levels welcome.  Varied repertoire for varied tastes.  Some sessions culminate in fundraising concerts for local causes, others are process-oriented and open to drop-in participation.

Check out an Ubuntu Story on this website. The Free Range Singers and the UU Sparks Choir joined forces in a well-attended community singing event called Come Together Singing on the evening of Martin Luther King Day, 2013.

Get Inspired Community Choir

in Nanaimo
directed by Sylvia Wende CCLT 2005 | 250-668-7284


Every Voice Welcome

  • Do you love to sing, but mainly in the shower?
  • Are you afraid your voice isn’t good enough?

Join the Get Inspired Community Choir for an interactive, fun-filled, adventure in a comfortable setting where exploration is not only encouraged but mandatory! Re-discover the joy and fun of singing various songs from many cultures while playfully learning about harmony and sound. No auditions, no need to read music, no experience necessary…simply a joyful spirit and a desire to sing

 Join us to:

  • Explore and strengthen your voice
  • Sing songs from all over the world
  • Play with harmonies…try different parts and have fun

 The benefits go on and on.